Hi there! I'm Keilani,

i am a 3x certified and master brow and makeup artist and have been featured by top brands like Starpil Wax, NYX Cosmetics, Wet N Wild Beauty and more. i just expanded my solo brow waxing business to a store front location with other amazing artists working with me. with a passion for high-quality services, i have grown huge feeling purpose while being in this industry. my mission is to teach others how to build their business with the latest services.

I'd love to help you with the next step in your business. Education is always a necessary part of a growing biz!

Advanced Brow Lamination + Shaping Course

Brow artistry is a very popular and needed service right now with not too many artists around. You are the next brow artist that needs to implement this amazing and upcoming service into your business!

The course I have put together for you guys includes all of my tips, tricks, and best advice when learning lamination. when you invest in your education, you invest in your growth! And what’s even better, is you can make back the money you invest in this course within 2-3 brow clients.

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Advanced Brow Training

(Not currently booking future in-person trainings at the moment. Virtual course is fully available and updates will be posted soon!)

Training for licensed professionals on brow shaping, waxing AND brow lamination. Includes lamination kit and fully equipped waxing kit.

Did you know:

  • Gaining a client following is a lucrative way to grow your income.

  • Learning brow lamination and adding it to your service menu can double service revenue.

  • 10 clients per business day can allow you to make up to 6 figures.

  • You can earn $100-$150/hour or more as a brow artist.

  • Offering brow services cost only pennies in product investment per service.

  • Building your reputation as an expert will grow your client referrals.

Are you struggling with:

  • Knowing how to analyze eyes and brows?

  • Skin anatomy?

  • Understanding how to shape a brow?

  • When you can wax or tweeze?

  • How to do a brow consultation?

  • Achieve your client's wants and needs?

  • What to charge for your services?

Look at that BIG smile! This is how you

In this course, you will:

Learn how to successfully build your brand

Many times, professionals jump into their business and get lost in where to start. This course will help guide you to understanding business strategies to create a successful and thriving brand that you are passionate about.

Learn and become confident in brow shaping and lamination

Brow shaping can be a nerve wrecking thing for a lot of professionals in this industry, it seems almost impossible to ever visit a brow artist that doesn't thin out your brows on the first visit! This course will help you be the exact opposite of that and to overcome your fear of the brow wax service! In this course you will learn all the tips and tricks to achieving that Instagram brow!

Understand your clientele

Building a client relationship is one of the biggest importance of our job, when you understand your client's needs, you exceed their expectations!

Receive consultation and intake forms

These are key to running a safe and operational personal service business. This is where you learn all about your client, their wants, needs and precautions.

Receive a fully equipped kit

This kit will include everything you'll need for waxing, cleansing the skin, shaping and lamination of the brows. Your kit will include every product needed to jumpstart your business.